Estrangel Is 1 Year Old Today!

Yup.  I didn’t get to post anything until now ’cause of work, but here’s a little baby angel sketch for you all.

baby angel

Seems like a good opportunity to reread the archives and see what’s been accomplished in its first year, both art and story-wise.

Epic Fail

Each page has been taking me way too long to do, so I tried to force myself to do this one close to the deadline.  That…didn’t work out so well.  Long story short, next page will be up Wednesday, and updates will be shifted over by half a week.

Sorry to do this yet AGAIN to you guys.  I’ve been feeling really unmotivated lately…  <_>

Edit: At this point, it’s looking like I won’t have the page ready even by Wednesday.  I don’t know what to tell you all.  I wanna say I’ll have it by next Sunday, but I just don’t know.  I’m working 8 hour days, 5 days a week, which gives me barely any free time as is.  I gotta wonder if I should even bother having an update schedule at all anymore.  Have I been on time even ONCE for this storyline?!  Urgh, I just don’t know.

I Fail Again (Big Surprise)

Broken record, I know.  But I just can’t finish the comic in time.  I think I’ll have to take drastic measures and reduce the update schedule.  Here’s what I propose…updates will be alternating Sundays/Wednesdays, so every 10 or 11 days.  That should give me enough time.  Man, I seriously hope it does.

So, expect the comic on Wednesday.  Sorry about this.  OTL

I Suck

It’s 3am and I have to work tomorrow and I couldn’t finish in time. And my eye is starting to hurt. I’ll be able to keep to a schedule at some point. I hope. I should definitely have the page finished by Tuesday. T_T

Switching To Mondays

You know I think I’m gonna have to just switch the update days to Mondays. I work 8 hours every weekday and don’t really get started on the bulk of the new page until the weekend, so having Sunday to work on it would make it a lot more manageable. The next page is coming along, but I won’t finish by tonight…