my “self sketch”Hi!  My name is Alec Mitnik, but on the Internets I go by Alectric.  I’m pleased to present my webcomic “Estrangel” for your viewing pleasure.

Wanna submit a question for the cast, or for me, comment on my comic, or tell me what you had for lunch today?  By all means, email me!  An email from a reader would be a happy little ray of digital sunshine in a world of digital…overcastedness.  I will respond to every message I receive, but it may take a while.

Also, if anyone wants to send me a guest comic, I’d be more than happy to post it once the currently going storyline finishes. The only requirements are that it be PG-13 and relevant to the comic. Email it to me, along with who it should be credited to, and if you’d like, any site that you’d want me to link to, like a blog, comic of your own, or deviantart account, something like that.

If you want to submit some fanart, I can show it off in a blog post and then leave it up on my Extras page.

You can reach me at