Estrangel is a webcomic about a guardian angel who’s tired of being ignored by the person his life revolves around (estrangel  estranged angel, get it?).  Will he ever get his wish to be acknowledged by, and maybe even befriend, his charge?  Read it to find out!

This is my first attempt at a webcomic, so you might have to bear with me a little.

Get to know the cast:

Zach North

Zach North

A 16-year-old hermit who eats his foot on a regular basis.  He’s a good person, but not always motivated.

Blue Angel

Blue Angel

A 17-year-old guardian to Zach, striving to earn his halo, and a little too naïve for his own good.  He wants more than anything for Zach to acknowledge him.

Sarah North

Sarah North

She struggles with her diet, and can be a little scatterbrained, but loves her son, and does her best to raise him.  She also has quite the sense of humor.

Orange Angel

Orange Angel

Sarah’s angel, and a mentor to Zach’s angel.  She loves her job and takes it seriously, but sometimes loses focus.  Also a bit of a fangirl.

Green Angel

Green Angel

A nice guy, but he tends to be both mischievous and lazy.  He’s sort of taken Zach’s angel under his wing.

Mrs. Bordeaux

Mrs. Bordeaux

An old lady who apparently sees things most people can’t. Why is she so bitter? Maybe something about her past…